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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Fr. Jack's Novena in Preparation for Pentecost
Holy Spirit Interactive: Pentecost: Novena in Preparation for Pentecost

Novena in Preparation for Pentecost - Day 4

Monday after Ascension

“And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in the form of a dove”.

Holy Spirit and Breath of God, I cannot but marvel at the extraordinary ways of God. After thirty years of preparation, You come upon Jesus, and anointed Him. He is NOW prepared to go forth on His mission. Even though He had laid aside His Divinity, and assumed our humanity, with all its limitations, You came upon Him as ‘the power of the Most High’. I ask you, please, to come down upon me in my weakness and powerlessness. Without You, I have no mission; but, with You, I can go forth to witness, even in silence, to any person, in any place.

Heavenly Father, you identified Yourself directly with the Spirit at the Baptism of Jesus, when Your voice was heard to commend Him as Your Beloved, and as One who ought to be listened to. Please CONFIRM me as your child, as You envelop me more and more into the life of the Trinity.

Lord Jesus, thank You for the clear and definite example of your life. You came ‘to do and to teach’. You DID first, and then You TAUGHT. As I watch You waiting all that time, not daring to go forth on Your mission, until the Spirit had anointed You, I shudder to think that I might venture forth on my own. May I stand beside You in the Jordan today; be baptised with you; be anointed by the Spirit; and hear the Father’s words of affirmation.

Mary my Mother, from your own experience, you must have known that the Spirit would also come upon Jesus, before He was ready to live out His ‘YES’. I trust you to teach me this simple but vital lesson, and to help me to respond with open mind and heart.

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