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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Fr. Jack's Novena in Preparation for Pentecost
Holy Spirit Interactive: Pentecost: Novena in Preparation for Pentecost

Novena in Preparation for Pentecost - Day 7

Thursday after Ascension

“I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, who will never leave you”.

Holy Spirit and Breath of God, I open my heart to You, as the Gift that Jesus promises. I know I do not deserve such a Gift, but I also know that if Jesus asks the Father, then, of course, You will certainly come and make Your home in me. I welcome You as a Comforter, and I greatly rejoice in knowing that You will never leave me. Here I am, Lord. Please come, so that the promise of Jesus will be fulfilled in my soul.

Heavenly Father, Jesus said that You would surely send the Spirit to those who ask You. This is what encourages me to claim this promise, and to trust this word. Please breathe the Comforter into my heart and soul, so that I will be directly connected with the life of the Trinity throughout my own life. I praise and glorify Your name that I can come into Your presence, without fear or formality, and ask You, please, in Jesus’ name, to pour out Your Spirit upon me.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your thoughtfulness in promising to obtain the Spirit for me, so that all of Your work of Redemption for me will not go amiss. I believe Your promise, Lord Jesus, and I now claim the fullness of that promise, so that Your plans for my Salvation will be brought to completion.

Mary my Mother, thank you for accompanying me these days. Your presence means so much to me, because I would have every reason to be afraid if I had to prepare my heart on my own. Your work within me now far exceeds any preparations I made for First Communion or Confirmation. You are my Teacher, and you are the very best of teachers. Thank you.

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