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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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An Evening with Darwin in New York by George Sim Johnston
In New York, it’s been the season of blockbuster exhibits. Fra Angelico and Van Gogh had spectacular shows at the Met, while a few blocks north the Guggenheim offered the best retrospective of Russian painting ever mounted. But the Museum of Natural History has grabbed most of the headlines by putting on an elaborate show with a simple title: Darwin. Read more

The Big Problem by Fr. James V. Schall
The big problem is to realize that we are not determined, that we’re responsible because we’re free. But we aren’t free simply to be free. We’re free in order to acknowledge what is. In our own human actions, our freedom does not consist in our doing whatever we want but in doing what’s found in the good of our being what we already are. Read more

The Battle for Purity by Edward P Sri
The battle for purity is ultimately fought deep in the recesses of the human heart. Our hearts were made to love, but since the Fall, they have been tainted by a desire to use others. This effect of original sin is seen perhaps most dramatically in our encounters with the opposite sex, wherein our hearts often are drawn to the other person more for the emotional or sensual pleasure we may derive from them than for any true commitment to what is best for them and their true value as a person. Read more

A New Scriptural Springtime by Scott Hahn
We should hardly be surprised that Pope Benedict XVI has made biblical renewal a key theme during the first year of his pontificate. Benedict knows that terrible truth, first articulated by St. Jerome: "Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ." Indeed, he’s quoted Jerome several times since taking office—almost as if Jerome had been prophesying about something that’s come to pass in our own day. Read more

Cooperating with the Creator: Birth Control and the Church by Mark Shea
If you had collared me before I was Catholic and asked my opinion of Rome’s teaching on artificial contraception, I would have said something like this: "I understand and applaud the Magisterium’s opposition to abortion, since abortion kills people. But I’m not comfortable with the Church’s stodgy stand on artificial contraception based on Her opposition to 'interference with nature.'" Read more

Beyond "The Da Vinci Code": What is the Priory of Sion? by Massimo Introvigne
With the imminent release of the movie The Da Vinci Code, Catholics are going to face a fresh barrage of questions about Jesus and the faith. This need not necessarily be a bad thing; on the contrary, it provides a great opportunity to witness to people about Christ and Christianity. To be able to do this, however, we need to be able to separate the fact from the fiction ourselves. This feature, and an accompanying FAQ, will help. Read more

Christian Leadership
by Rick Sarkisian
Catholic scouting has been a part of my life for many years. Of course, no Boy Scout worth his salt would be without a survival kit, the contents of which always include a mirror that can be used to reflect the sun’s light and attract the attention of others. As committed Catholics, we are also called to reflect light—the light of Christ—and attract the attention of others. Read more

Love and Responsibility: Avoiding Fatal Attractions by Edward P. Sri
A man eating lunch at a restaurant notices an attractive woman at another table, and is immediately drawn to her beauty. His heart stirs, and he finds himself wanting to see her again. Yet, this is not the first time she has caught his eye. And his attraction to her is more than physical. She works for the same large company, and he has been drawn to her warm personality, her cheerful smile and her kindness toward others. He is taken in by her alluring personality as much as by her natural beauty. Read more

What Should the Laity Be Doing?
by Russell Shaw
The Church in the United States and in other Western countries is in crisis. The challenge this presents to the Catholic laity is clear. They are called to do more than struggle individually against the temptations that come from the sinful world around them in hopes of saving their souls (although certainly they need to do that). Read more

The Unity of Church Teaching by Jeffery Cavins
To many, the perception of the Catholic Church is that it is big. Really big. That was how I felt during those first weeks of my "reversion" to Catholicism, when my interest in the Church had been stimulated by the writings of Pope John Paul II. But before I could understand the details of doctrine, liturgy, and Church structure, I needed something that would tie together the whole faith. Read more

Yoga: From Hippies to Hip by Marcia Montenegro
Yoga has become so well packaged as an exercise that people even believe this was the original intent of yoga, often calling yoga "stretching exercises." People in the U.S. and other Western countries often do not realize that the yoga they call an exercise, actually hatha yoga ("ha" means "sun" and "tha" means "moon"), is just one of many forms of yoga designed for specific spiritual purposes. Read more

Love Bears Fruit: The Triumph of Mother Angelica
by Tom Hoopes
Everyone at EWTN has a favorite story. There was the guy who clicked onto EWTN because a pornography network shared the same channel number. When he saw full habits instead of flesh, he tried to change the channel. For some reason, he couldn’t. So he watched. Cancer patients, Playboy bunnies, secret Christians who watch online—stacks of their stories come in to EWTN each day. Read more

Scripture is Sacramental by Scott Hahn
The phrase “the word of the Lord” appears hundreds of times in the Hebrew Scriptures. It is the authority that Moses invokes for his law, and the prophets for their oracles. It is, according to the historical books, the authority behind the inspired deeds of the kings. The “word of the Lord” that reveals the covenant law is the very “word” by which God created the universe. Read more

A Light to the Nations: The Meaning and Future of the Catholic Church by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput
A man born of a Jewish mother is Jewish by virtue of his birth. He may be very religious, or lukewarm, or an atheist. But he’s still, in a real sense, a Jew. Being Catholic is a very different kind of experience. Baptism is necessary to be a Catholic, but it’s not enough as we grow in age. As Catholics, we become defined by what we believe, how we worship, and how actively we live our faith in public and in private. Read more

Why Not Married Priests? The Case for Clerical Celibacy by George Sim Johnston
The agitation for a married priesthood has sharpened in recent decades. There is a drumbeat in the media, often from ex-priests who write copiously for the op-ed pages. So, it’s not surprising that many people think that Rome should “get with the times” and allow priests to marry. Isn’t the rule of celibacy simply another example of a retrograde Church sitting on somebody’s rights? Read more

Infinite Wonder of the Divine
by George Coyne
Creationist notions of intelligent design diminish God. Instead we should see his love for the infinitely evolving universe as like that of a parent allowing a growing child to make its own choices and go its own way in life. Read more

The Myth of Pope Joan
by Patrick Madrid
A lot of things are said about the alleged "Pope Joan." Depending on who is telling the story, she was a courageous feminist, a clever opportunist, a brilliant scholar who couldn't make it as a woman in a man's world. She is said to have been a wise ruler and an astute theologian, though, oddly, no decree or theological teaching purporting to have come from her has made its way down to our day. Read more

The Lion King
by John J Miller
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is both a fantastic adventure story and a profound expression of Christian belief. Because of this, C. S. Lewis’s famous tale not only stands on the threshold of blockbuster success, but also holds the potential to become the next great battleground in the culture wars. Read more

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