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Friday, May 25, 2018
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HSI Features Season 7

God and Gender by Evelyn Birge Vitz
For Christianity, gender is both important and irrelevant. God creates, Christ redeems, and the Holy Spirit sanctifies men and women alike, along with Jews and Greeks, rich and poor, black and white. But, apart from salvation, gender possesses a special importance in Christianity that cannot be viewed as either accidental or superficial. Read more

Sculpture by Joe Lester

The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust
by Aneel Aranha
Newspapers recently reported a thirteen year old East Sussex schoolboy as Britain’s youngest father. Alfie Patten made his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman pregnant when she was 14 and he was just 12. It shocked everybody in England (and hopefully everybody everywhere else) but should it really have come as a surprise? We continue the series on The Seven Deadly Sins with a spotlight on Lust. Read more

Sculpture by Joe Lester

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride by Aneel Aranha
One of the truisms of the Christian journey is that the holier we get, the more sinful we discover we are. This apparent paradox is because the closer we come to God, the more spotlights God shines into our lives revealing the sin hidden in the shadows, much like a ray of sunlight in a room reveals particles of dust and debris that one might never notice otherwise. We begin this new series on The Seven Deadly Sins with a spotlight on Pride. Read more

The New Testament in Dramatized Audio
We are delighted to bring you the NRSV version of the entire New Testament in dramatized audio in a brand new site: HSI MoreLove Bible Media. The NRSV is considered by scholars to be the most accurate translation available today. The Society of Biblical Literature has chosen it as its main translation, and it is the translation used by all three of the major academic study Bibles—the Oxford Annotated Bible, the New Interpreters Bible, and the HarperCollins Study Bible. Independent university scholars overwhelmingly agree that it does the best job of rendering into English the Bible’s original Hebrew and Greek. Listen now!

Barack Obama vs the Unborn Child by Dr. Dominic Dixon
The success of Obama does not lie in becoming America’s first black President or being one of the youngest. His success lies in successfully fulfilling God’s will in his life. For if Obama is a confessing Christian, then his ultimate goal is God’s will and purpose being fulfilled in his life. The leader of the world’s most powerful nation has to make critical choices and those choices will need to have a moral framework. Read more

Holy Spirit Interactive is Five Years Old!
Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI) completes five years this month. Despite its relative youth, HSI has become one of the most successful Catholic lay apostolates in the world, currently reaching out to over two million people each month through a dozen ministries including schools of discipleship, outreach programs, radio and television, retreats and seminars, Scripture study sessions, prayer groups, publishing ventures and an extremely popular and respected web site. We present an interview with HSI founder Aneel Aranha by Dr. Dominic Dixon. Read more

The Problem of Porn by Bishop Michael J Sheridan
Pornography is one of the most serious problems facing our society today. Pornography has made its way into our media, our schools, and our homes. The question of how to combat pornography is critically important. In many ways, it is a life and death question. A culture addicted to pornography will not have healthy relationships between men and women. A culture addicted to pornography will not promote healthy families. A culture addicted to pornography is slowly but surely dying from the inside out. Read more

Walking Ancient Paths by Andy Peck
So you discover that a friend has left your Anglican church and is now worshipping with Baptists. Are you bothered? It might depend why he or she left, but in these days when denominational ties are weak you'd probably barely give it a thought. After all, within evangelicalism the beliefs and service style will be pretty similar whatever the name on the building. But what if your friend departed for a Catholic or Orthodox church? How would you feel then? Read more

When the Price of Our Health Is a Person's Death by Dr. Brian W. Donnelly
I believe in stem cell research. As a man of science, I believe this line of investigation can lead us toward many important advances. As someone who believes that science needs to be kept within certain ethical boundaries, I know using embryonic stem cells is morally wrong. I know that the same arguments being used in support of research involving the destruction of human embryos can be (and are being) used to further legitimize and protect abortion procedures. The public is all too unaware of this connection. Read more

Lectio Divina in Our Catholic Life Today
by Fr. Scott A. Haynes
Practicing Catholics are exposed to an enormous amount of Sacred Scripture at Holy Mass during the course of the Church year. In her Sacred Liturgy, Holy Mother Church sets forth the inspired Word of God as the “compass pointing out the road to follow.” Sadly, this source of divine wisdom seems to have little effect in the life of most Catholics. Why is this, when the Word of God should shape our lives? Read more

Laborers in the Vineyard by Richard Grebenc
"You too go into the vineyard." This invitation was issued by Jesus 2,000 years ago in the parable of the laborers in the vineyard. His listeners then knew that He wasn’t just talking about grapes that needed to be harvested or a landowner who had a soft spot in his heart for the unemployed. In fact, this parable, like many of Jesus’ parables, challenged the status quo and urged His hearers to wrestle with the new understanding of the kingdom of God that Our Lord was trying to convey. Read more

Friendship: The Key to the Evangelization of Men by Fr. John McCloskey
There is an old expression: To make a friend, be a friend." It is important to make a distinction between "acquaintances," of whom we may have hundreds or thousands, and "friends." Friendship is a sacred word, full of meaning, and one I do not use lightly. Friendship, ideally, is forever. Strong male friendship must be revived if Catholic men and their progeny are to get on with the holy and ambitious task in this young millennium: to build the civilization of love and truth in the 21st century. Read more

A Guide to Leading Effective Praise and Worship by Aneel Aranha
Over the past few years, we at HSI have been blessed with the opportunity of seeing hundreds of Praise and Worship leaders in action. We have observed them carefully, making mental notes of the things they did that worked and things that didn't, putting the more effective methods into practice in our prayer groups to great success. These guidelines are a result of those observations and practices.. Read more

The Latest Historical Attack on Jesus Falls Flat
by Mark Shea
In a story that has "Academic Seeks Publicity Gig" written all over it, the New York Times breathlessly revealed the other day that some professor had found a stone with ink writing on it dating from shortly before the time of Christ (they guess). It's broken and faded and lots of text is really hard to read. But that didn't stop the professor from trumpeting it as yet another devastating blow to the Christian understanding of Jesus. Read more

How to Talk to an Atheist about Christianity
by Jason Anderson and Jennifer Fulwiler
Once upon a time, not so long ago, atheism was the belief system that dared not speak its name. Even the most ardent skeptic paid lip service to faith, or at least to the blessings that mankind derived from it. But that's not the case anymore. Atheism is a strong and growing influence in our culture. Read more

HSI School of Discipleship
Holy Spirit Interactive (HSI) introduces the HSI School of Discipleship, a structured course intended to help people on the journey of discipleship that all Christians are called to travel. It begins with an introductory retreat held over three evenings called the Discipleship Program, which is then followed by three-to-four hour sessions once a week in the School of Discipleship. Click here for more details

The Blessing of the Family Meal by Justin Soutar
We as a society have forgotten what real food looks and tastes like. However, I believe this to be a symptom of a deeper problem: Namely, we have forgotten that a real meal involves fellowship with other people. This is not surprising in our culture of fast food and TV dinners, where convenience has replaced community as the apotheosis of the culinary. Real food means real meals, and real meals mean real fellowship, especially when it comes to family life. Nothing brings together friends and family like a delicious home-cooked meal! Read more

Restoring Beauty in the Sacred Liturgy by Fr. Scott A. Haynes
For the world, the maxim "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a subjective statement. For the Bride of Christ, this is a concrete reality of the Incarnation. Sadly, in our own times the banal and vulgar have invaded our sanctuaries, following what John Paul II called "a misguided sense of creativity". Nothing, therefore, is more important today than the restoration of the beauty of the sacred liturgy, the restoration of the sacred. Read more

The Ultimate Triumph of Love by Justin Soutar
We have not had a pope of Benedict’s intellectual stature for some 300 years, and perhaps an even longer span of time has passed since such a well-educated pontiff has been so well understood by so many less-educated people. Furthermore, Pope Benedict does not simply “preach to the choir”; his speeches and writings are (as were those of his famous predecessor) directed to all people of goodwill on the earth. Read more

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