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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary

Through the ages, Mary, the Mother of God, has been given hundreds of titles. Some of her titles are biblical; others are titles of love and respect. In her apparitions, or appearances, she has often given herself titles or names which recall the message she has come to earth to bring. Icons, pictures and statues of the Blessed Virgin all have different names and unique stories regarding them. These stories are very interesting and Holy Spirit Interactive is pleased to bring you 15 of the best in this series There's Something About Mary by Ann Ball.

1. Our Lady of

2. Our Lady of
Perpetual Help

3. Our Lady of
Mount Carmel

4. Our Lady of

5. Our Lady of
La Salette

6. Queen of
the Rosary

7. Our Lady of

8. Our Lady of

9. Our Lady of

10. Our Lady
of La Naval

11. Our Lady
of Walsingham

12. Our Lady
of Schoenstatt

13. Our Lady
of Lavang

14. Our Lady
of Fatima

15. Sorrowful

16. Our Lady
of Arabia

17. Our Lady
of Succor

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