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Monday, May 28, 2018
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Sister Manners Goes To Mass
Holy Spirit Interactive: Sr. Manners Goes To Mass: What is the proper attire at mass?

What is the proper attire at mass?

Dear Sr. Manners: I know there is an accepted dress code for certain events for adults, and even schools now have a dress code for their students. What is the proper attire for us at Mass?

This is a difficult topic. We do not want to suggest that one is not welcome at the Sunday liturgy without expensive clothing and yet, out of respect for what we are doing at Mass and as an example for young children, a modicum of propriety is expected. Simply put -- beach wear, formal wear, etc. are not appropriate attire. The goal in dressing for Mass should be not to attract undue attention to oneself. One should aim for, "You look nice today," as opposed to, "My gosh! Did you see what she or he was wearing today?!" An added note, dear Christian, is that if you are a public minister in the liturgy, a lector, a Eucharistic minister, or a cantor, for example, you should dress with extra care, so that your appearance does not pose a distraction to worshippers.

[Want a longer answer? See: Modest Dress by Fr. William Saunders]

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