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Monday, July 23, 2018
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Vatican II
Holy Spirit Interactive: Vatican II: A Walk-Through - Sacred Music

Vatican II: A Walk-Through - Sacred Music

  1. The Council drew attention to the age-old tradition of sacred music and singing, closely linked to the liturgy; and the Constitution declares that worship becomes more noble when it is carried out with solemn singing, especially when the celebrant, ministers and people take an active part.

  2. Great attention is to be paid to the teaching and practice of sacred music, in harmony with training and instruction in the liturgy.

  3. Gregorian chant is especially suited tot he Roman liturgy, but other kinds of sacred music must not be excluded. In mission lands where the people have their own characteristic musical traditions, these traditions also should be incorporated into Christian worship.

  4. In the Latin Church, the pipe organ is recognized as the traditional musical instrument, but other instruments maybe used provided that they can be adapted for use in divine worship.

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