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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Vatican II
Holy Spirit Interactive: Vatican II: A Walk-Through - Sacred Art

Vatican II: A Walk-Through - Sacred Art

  1. Things that are set apart for use in divine worship should have dignity and beauty, because they serve as symbols and signs of the supernatural world. The highest achievement of the fine arts is sacred art, which is man's attempt to express the infinite beauty of God and to direct his mind to God.

  2. The Church has always been the patron of the fine arts. The Church reserves the right to decide whether an artist's work is in keeping with divine worship.

  3. Artistic styles vary from one time and place to another. Modern art is the expression of our times; provided that it is in keeping with divine worship, a work of modern art and may be used for sacred use.

  4. Bishops and others responsible for churches and holy places should remove from those places all objects which lack true artistic value, or which may be out of keeping with divine worship. Similarly, they should see that the number of statues and pictures should be moderate, and that they should be placed in such a way that a true sense of proportion is observed.

  5. All things destined for use in divine worship should have simple dignity; lavish display does not accord with the worship of God. Each diocese should have its own Commission of Sacred Art; ecclesiastical laws, relating to the building of churches, are to be revised wherever necessary.

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