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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Aesop's Fables: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

A Country Mouse once invited his friend the Town Mouse to visit him on the farm. He took him around the countryside to see new sights, generously sharing his store of wheat-stocks and roots newly pulled up from the bushes.

The Town Mouse, however, was not impressed. He said, “I wish you would come and visit me in the city. It is so much better there, with a fare of food you wouldn’t even imagine! I am sorry to say this, but your life here is no better than an ant’s.”

“Oh yes, I’d love to try it out someday,” said the Country Mouse sportingly and the two set about making plans for a visit to the city.

When the Country Mouse reached the plush city home of the Town Mouse, a mouth-watering spread of dried figs, honey, raisins, beans and bread was put before the mouse from the countryside. And as a special treat at the end, out came a dainty piece of cheese from a basket.

“This is simply delightful!” said the Country Mouse, “I wish I could have all this on the farm!”

Just as they began to eat, someone opened the kitchen door! The two mice jumped up and ran off as fast as they could, squeaking in fear, into a tiny little dark hole in the wall.

Once they knew that all was clear they then squeezed out of the hole again and set about eating their feast before them.

Scarcely had they begun, when someone else entered the kitchen to take something out of a cupboard. The mice scampered off again more frightened than before!

The Country Mouse was famished by now and said to his friend, “The feast you have set before me is very tempting, but I really must leave you to enjoy it by yourself.

“There are too many dangers here. I prefer the bush roots, however dry, as long as I can eat them without fear. And yes, I prefer my bare farmlands offering safety and peace of mind, than the dangerous luxury of this city. Goodbye, my friend.”


There is no place like home.

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