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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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The Farmer and his Sons

A farmer was dying one day. He called his two sons and said to them, “Will you look after our farm in the same way that I did all these years?”

“Yes, father,” said the two sons, “We will.”

The father then told them, “There is a great treasure hidden in one of my vineyards.”

No sooner had their father died, than the two men took their hoes and spades and began carefully digging over every portion of the land.

When they finished the whole lot the men said, “There is no treasure here!” disappointed after finding nothing.

But not long after, because of the many hours of hard work, the land began to give forth a superabundant harvest.

Thier eyes were opened, and they said to each other, “Our treasure is in our labour and care of the land, to be sure!”

From then on they always cared for the farm, preserving the memory of their father in the land for many years to come.


There is no substitute for hard work

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