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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Aesop's Fables: The Mouse, the Frog and the Hawk

The Mouse, the Frog and the Hawk

There was once a little Mouse who made had fast friends with a Frog.

The two got on famously, though at times, being mischievous, the frog played a few harmless pranks on his friend. The Mouse enjoyed the tricks.

One day, however, the pranks went a bit too far.

This time the frog decided to tie the Mouse’ foot to his own leg. He dragged his friend behind him to the meadow where they found their food, and then led the Mouse to the edge of the pool where he lived. "See the beauty of the place I live in!" said the Frog. But to the Mouse’s horror the Frog took a great big leap into the pool.

The frog swam about laughing and croaking pretending that he was giving the Mouse a good time. "Are you having fun?" he shouted to the Mouse. Instead all the Mouse could do was cough and splutter in response and then miserably choke to death.

Now not knowing his friend was dead the Frog kept on swimming till he found himself being pulled to the surface, as the body of the Mouse rose up to the top.

A large Hawk was circling overhead. He soon spied the dead Mouse on the water and swooped down to pick it up..

Along with it the Mouse, the Frog too got pulled up into the air and before long became the heartiest meal of the day for a very satisfied Hawk.


Harm hatch, harm catch.

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