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Friday, August 17, 2018
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The Two Pots

There were once two pots floating down the river. One glistened happily in the sun while the other looked dull and soggy from being wet in the water.

That is because one pot was made of brass and the other was made of clay. “Please do not come near me!” said the earthen pot to the brass.

“Why not? We could be friends,” said the brass pot.

“No,” replied the clay pot. “I am too fragile. If you touch me even once I will shatter into pieces. I must stay far from you and cannot think of being your friend. Please go way, you will find someone further downstream just like you to play with!”

The brass pot, disappointed and sad, then floated away as the river took him across to another corner of the riverbank, while the earthen pot wet and cold in the wind, seemed to suddenly grow a shade gloomier.


Equals make the best friends.

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