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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Dogs and the Hides

A group of Dogs once spotted some cowhides soaking in the river. They were hungry and the wet skins were the only sign of food in a long, long while.

But the hides were far off in the deepest part of the river, and much beyond their reach.

The starving Dogs were desperate. So when one of them got the idea to empty out the river and reach the skins by drinking up the water, they all jumped at it!

Within the next few minutes the hungry Dogs were taking in great big gulps of water, lapping up the river with whatever strength they had left.

However, before they could get the water level down by even a fraction of an inch, their stomachs burst!

One by one they fell dead on the banks of the river, done in by the very task they had taken on, bizarre as it was, to save their own lives.


Don't attempt the impossible!

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