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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Fox and the Goat

One day a fox fell into a well and could not get out. The walls were steep and the top loomed high above him. "How shall I escape?" cried the fox.

Soon a goat came by for a drink of water. He bent down to look for the water in the well and saw the fox inside, "Hello friend, is the water sweet down there?"

The fox suddenly got an idea. He decided to make use of the goat's strong back to climb out and replied, "Yes, it is cool and clean, why don't you come down here yourself and take a sip!"

Thirsty for water, the goat jumped in without giving a thought to how he would climb back out. As the goat started to lap up the cool water, the fox said, "Have you realized that we are now both stuck inside the well? If you follow my plan though, we will escape smoothly and quickly." The goat cheerfully agreed to his idea after listening to a run of it.

The fox lost no time. He first got the goat to stand on his hind legs, propping his forelegs against the wall. Then he leaped onto the goat's back, stepped on his sturdy horns and hoisted himself out of the well. On the way the fox called," I will help you out once I'm through!"

But help never came. The fox fled into the wilderness, leaving the goat to watch the sun go down and the moon slowly rise over the roof of the well. All he could do was sigh and say with regret, "I wish I had more sense, than to have the fox trick me in this way. If only I looked carefully before jumping in."


Look before you leap.

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