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Monday, June 25, 2018
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The Vain Jackdaw

One day, the birds of a certain forest got together to select a king from among themselves. "Who shall we name King?" they cried.

Some of the birds suggested that they go to the Sun for help. "O mighty Sun, all living creatures in the air and on the ground pass under your fierce gaze. Surely you will be able to choose from among all the birds you see, one that is most beautiful, to be our King," said one of the birds.

"I can help you, little creatures. Return to me tomorrow with every single bird of the forest and I will select the most striking of all to be your king," said the Sun.

In the midst of the birds was a young Jackdaw. He was terribly eager to be chosen king. But he also knew that he was dull and unattractive, with nothing but black and grey feathers all over his body.

The Jackdaw looked around in despair after the birds had gone, searching for some means of changing the way he looked.

To his good fortune, he found a number of feathers strewn all over the place where all the birds had collected. "I can dress my drab feathers in these pretty colours!" he cawed, and set about sticking the many-hued plumes in between his own.

The next day all the birds got together once more before the Sun, as decided. And who should be chosen King, but the Jackdaw!

But that wasn't for long, for the other birds flared up in protest. They weren't fooled by the Jackdaw's disguise and called loudly to the Sun to see the hoax before him. They then went about plucking off all the false feathers of the Jackdaw.

They even picked out many of his real ones! The vain bird was finally left standing alone, sorry and ashamed, and uglier than he ever was!


It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds

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