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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Wolf and the Crane

It was the Wolf's lucky day. He had found food! A young fawn lay in his path as he prowled through the bushes in the forest, and the hungry animal lost no time in tearing it to pieces.

Suddenly a bone got stuck in his throat and he found himself coughing and choking in distress! "Help!" he squeaked, frightened, and ran about helter-skelter looking for someone or something to relieve his pain.

"I would give anything to the creature that takes the bone out of my throat!" cried the Wolf to the animals that passed him by.

The Crane, famed for her long neck and beak, finally agreed to try. She told the Wolf to open his jaws as wide as he could. Then delicately placing her beak in his throat, she shook the bone loose with her beak and before long, got it right out of his mouth.

The Wolf gave a great sigh of relief, but when the Crane came forward for her reward, he bared his teeth in a wide, mean grin and said, "You put your head into the mouth of a Wolf, dear Crane, and are still alive; that should be reward enough for you!"


Be careful who you trust.

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