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Monday, June 25, 2018
Inside HSI Kids

The Wolf and the Kid

There was once a Kid (a baby goat) who climbed high onto the roof of a house. His mother had warned him not to wander too far away and told him of the scary Wolf who could catch and eat him if he wasn't careful.

But the little Kid often disobeyed his mother and made up his mind one day to try out the shaky stairs leading to the rooftop.

Before long the Wolf came sauntering along the road down below. But instead of being frightened the Kid knew that he was too high up for the Wolf to do him any harm. He decided then to taunt him with words. "You are a robber!" he shouted. "Why have you come here? Don't you know what a bad name you have in our village? Go away!"

The Wolf growled in anger, "I know, smart alec, that you have the courage to say what you have just said only because I cannot reach you!"


It is easy to be brave from a distance

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