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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Fox and the Crow

There was once a vain crow who chanced upon a delicious piece of meat. Picking it up her beak, she perched herself high up on a branch of a tree to feast on it.

But before she could take her first bite, a fox, hungry for something to eat, spied her among the branches. The piece of meat danced before his eyes and he longed to have it for himself!

Cunning as he was, the fox devised a plan. He knew that the crow was a vain creature, and so falsely declared, “How beautiful you are O crow! How fair and gracious is your form!”

The crow was thrilled to hear these words and turned towards the crow wide-eyed!

“It’s working!” said the fox to himself and continued with his lies, “Oh, but if only your voice was equal to your beauty, I would crown you the Queen of Birds!”

The crow was taken aback. “I am the queen of birds and I will prove it to him”, she thought. She then opened her mouth to caw her loudest caw and out popped the piece of meat to the ground below!

The fox, delighted with himself, picked it up and ran away as fast as he could!


"Beware of flattery."

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