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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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The Fox and the Lion

There once was a young Fox who chanced upon a Lion in the jungle for the first time. He was terribly frightened. “His head looks so fierce and his jaw so hard!” thought the Fox, and ran off to hide himself in the woods.

The next time he saw the King of beasts, the Fox plucked up courage and decided not to run away. He stood and watched him from a distance instead. “Hey, he didn’t even look my way, he is not so ferocious after all!” the little animal declared scornfully.

A few days later when the Fox saw the Lion again he went straight up to him said, “How do you do, sir? ” But the Lion made no reply, and no movement either!

Observing that the Lion did not attempt to attack him even at such close quarters, the Fox continued, “Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, sir. I shall see you again around here soon, I’m sure.”

And with a swish of his tail, the little Fox then turned and walked away from the mighty Lion.


Familiarity breeds contempt.

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