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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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The Stag at the Pool

One hot summer’s day, a young stag came to a spring for a drink of water.

Bending down to quench his thirst, he noticed his reflection in the clear pool and started to think, “ My horns are so very attractive. They are large and well shaped, unlike my legs that seem so ugly and thin."

He sighed, " I wish I did not have feet like these!”

While he was lost in thought, a Lion crept up from behind, ready to spring on the unsuspecting stag.

The slight rustle of the grass behind however alerted him to danger and before the Lion could pounce, the stag fled from the scene!

As long as the grassy plain spread out before him, the stag could keep running.

But as soon as he reached the woods, his horns became entangled with the vines and branches and he found himself stuck!

“Oh, what shall I do now !" he cried, "My feet tried to save me, but these very antlers that I valued so greatly over my legs will now lead me to my death! ”

Trapped in the mesh of leaves, the stag became easy prey, and before long, the hungry Lion's next meal!


The things we don't value are sometimes worth a lot.

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