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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Drawing Cartoons: Part 1

by Juliet Mascarenhas

KA-BOOM! It's here. Drawing CARTOONS is sooo easy and can be such fun for everyone! No matter what level of art talent you possess, you can definitely put pen or pencil to paper and create 'mini' masterpieces. This is a 3 Parts Series : In the First Part, this week, you will learn how to draw cartoon faces. In Part Two (next week), you will add some body and style to your cartoon faces. Better still, in Part Three, you will learn how to create your own funny comics, greetings cards and bookmarks.

So, let's start doodling (that's another word for scribbling cartoons, by the way) ... let's begin by learning a thing or two about drawing cartoon faces ...

How to Draw Cartoon Faces


Features are everything! That's how we recognize one from another. Imagine, if we all looked the same, how boring! But God thought of everything. He made all of us unique, with our own special features! Some of us have oval faces, some, long noses, some of us have wavy ears! Again, that's all part of God's plan for our beautiful world. Therefore, when you draw a cartoon face, you must remember that the features of a face are everything! They define character and also convey emotions. The shape of the face, the hairstyle, nose and ears help to develop the character, whereas the moveable parts of the face like the mouth, the eyes, and eyebrows which are so expressive help to convey emotions.


As you can see in the diagram below, shapes of faces fall into six broad categories. Most faces however, are not clear cut round or square, but are actually made of two or even three overlapping shapes! That's interesting, isn't it? Now, look into the mirror and decide what shape your face is.


Draw hair close to the shape of the head. A well-groomed hairstyle shows a neat person, tousled hair shows frustration or anger, droopy hair, despair! Sometimes, lack of hair is a sign of old age, worry or even wisdom!


Arched or raised eyebrows show surprise or laughter. Lowered eyebrows imply sternness and anger. Bushy eyebrows are seen on tough men. Thin, shapely eyebrows go with pretty women.


Draw eyes as simple dots or circle them to represent eyeballs. Eyebrows with eyes convey emotions.


Ears are best, simple. But, I am sure you know some very naughty children with large "cabbage" ears :-)


Noses lend themselves well to exaggeration. Cartoonists love this feature the most, after the mouth. Noses can be pointed and long or short and stubby.


Mouths are one of the most expressive features on the face. For example, you can shape a mouth to appear as though it is speaking words, yawning, grinning or grimacing.


A stromg chin might be a good indicator of character. Fat people have double chins, even three! Mean or cruel people might have pointed chins. Aggressive people thrust their chins forward, while those of cowards tend to recede.

Having said this, we are now ready for our cartoon fun. Download the worksheet given below and practise drawing face shapes and features.

HAVE FUN, cartooning!

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