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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Drawing Cartoons: Part 2

by Juliet Mascarenhas

...Hello! We're back. Last Sunday, you learnt how to draw cartoon faces. I hope that you enjoyed sketching them during the week. Today, in Part Two of our CARTOON DRAWING series, you will learn how to draw the rest of the cartoon and so add some zing! to your work.

I will introduce you to four methods of drawing cartoon body shapes. I would suggest that you try all the methods and see what works best for you.

If you are ready, let's begin ...


Don't we all love them!! Many of us have spent a lot of time drawing a figure or two, but there are probably many among us who yet have to discover the joy drawing stick figures. So then, what are stick figures? Stick Figures are nothing but straight or curved line drawings (there are no rules here!). They are so simple to draw yet they teach you almost everything you need to know about drawing human, animal or object shapes. Take, for example, Picture A on the right. The body lines represent our skeletal structure, and if drawn correctly, they can show relative proportion of the limbs and movement. But, make no bones about it, stick figures are far from boring and lacking originality. You can add some style to your stick figures, by donning them with flesh and clothes and every kind of accessory your imagination can come up with. (see Picture B for an idea)


You guessed right! Geo-figures are nothing but figures made with geometric shapes. You have already been introduced to this concept of drawing cartoon faces using geometric shapes such as circles, squares, hexagons, etc. Now, we will go a few steps further and arrange geometric shapes to create a very modern-looking cartoon figure. The best part about drawing geo-figures is that they take the work out of drawing meaningful and stylish cartoons. Practise drawing cartoons using different arrangements of different geometric objects. (see Picture C for an idea)


You have never heard of "alphatoons", have you?That's because I just made up that word! *sneaky* huh? :-) Alphatoons are simply cartoons that are made up using letters of the alphabet and numbers. That's easy? sure! If you can scribble your letters and numbers, you are on you way to becoming an "alphatoonist". Look at the picture below, and try and figure out how the cartoons have been drawn with ABC ... & 123 ... and practise drawing some of your own!

hint, hint: with L U V on your birthday ... go (forward) F 4 D ... (Lo) L O H & behold! .... (Why hate) Y H 8 when we can love?


Many cartoonists love this method of drawing cartoons, because this is what makes their cartoons look life-like. The lines of the body follow real body lines, though they are almost always exaggerated. The exaggerated lines are what give the cartoons their memorable and cute look. As for me, I like drawing my cartoons with fat legs and big heads. *chuckle* Now, look at the picture on the right and follow step by step how to draw a cartoon the classic way!

HAPPY CARTOONING! Bye. See you again, next week ...

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