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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Back to School Craft Tips For Your Room

by Juliet Mascarenhas

School is starting soon! and it feels good to start the school year with a clean room. But, it's not enough for your room to be just clean, it also has to be neat and tidy! If you have lazed around a bit during the vacation, it is possible that there's a pile of "extras" sitting around in your room doing nothing. If lack of storage space is your problem, go about creating some of your own. Here are some CRAFT IDEAS to make your room a nicer and friendlier place to live in :-)

1. Cut out the Clutter ...

Smart or Pretty Stackable Boxes help to sort out your things ...

... The local grocery store will readily hand you empty sturdy cardboard cartons of different sizes, even shapes. You need about three or four in varying sizes (Large - Quite Large - Large Enough - Medium). Look for sizes that stack nicely one above the other on top of a cupboard, under a bed or in a corner. Buy some cheap wrapping paper in bulk to cover the boxes or cover the boxes with coloured tissue paper and stick on some pictures or stickers to make them attractive. The largest box can be used to hide away old books and magazines. The smaller ones can be used to hold craft projects, toys, games, etc. A box without a lid can stand as a trash bin in a corner of the room.

2. Get organized ...

A Bulletin Board is a must-have!
... It sets the mood in your room. You know what to expect of yourself. It's a cure for all the "absent-minded-professors" out there as all schedules, announcements, and invitations get stuck on it, and they no longer get lost or forgotten. All you need is an old picture frame or a rectangular piece of tough cardboard. Cover the board with green felt (available at craft stores) and of course, keep some tacks on hand! You can hang the bulletin board using an old chain or coloured string.

Magazine and Paper File
It's easy to make a magazine and paper file using an empty cereal box. Follow the three easy steps below to make one of your own.

1. Using a ruler and pencil, draw the lines on the outside of the box as shown in the picture. 2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the line neatly. 3. Spread glue over the box and tightly cover with wrapping paper or pictures.

Pen 'n' Pencil Holder

... Jazz up some cans, narrow boxes or drinking glasses with felt or wrapping paper. Cut up old greeting cards and stick the pictures on the holder.

3. Some more must-haves and other ideas that really work!

A CALENDAR with large numbers - circle important days using colour codes. GREEN for volunteer meetings, etc. BLUE for dental appointments, etc. RED for birthdays anniversaries, etc.

Keep one sharp eye on the CLOCK to manage your time. An alarm clock is indispensable to wake up on time and stay ahead of the rest.

Educational and Motivational POSTERS can educate and at the same time decorate your room. A WORLD MAP is indispensable above your study desk.

A TABLE LAMP can brighten up your study nights. Somehow, it just makes your work more interesting.

Ask mom and dad to provide extra SHELVES or an extra CUPBOARD in your room if absolutely essential.

Keep cloth or plastic BAGS handy in your cupboard to store socks, underwear, handkerchiefs, etc.

POTPOURRI SACHETS or wrapped soaps can add fragrance to your clothes in the cupboard. Keep some around in your room, too.

... Get into the habit of tidying up, organizing and sorting on a weekly basis once school begins, or the trash bin will overflow from your mini-cleanups.


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