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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Love a Frog ... all year round - 1

by Juliet Mascarenhas

Frogs are cute and lovable ... Wouldn't we love to hear their croak! croak! not just during the rainy seaon, but all year round? The sad truth is that every day certain species of frogs are disappearing from our planet on account of man's insensitive treatment of the environment. If you try your hand at making these cute "froggies" to give away as gifts or to keep for yourself, you will draw attention to frogs and actually encourage others to protect them! After all, they are a part of God's wonderful creation ...

Froggy Door-Knob Hanger

Froggy Memo Pad

Froggy Odds 'N' Ends Pouch

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE THREE PROJECTS: Print the frog template onto ordinary paper. Cut out the template pieces and trace onto thick green card stock or cardboard. Stick the arms and legs to the back of the body. For the eyes, cut white and black circles and glue together. For the mouth, cut red string, red paper or red ribbon and glue onto the face.
1. To make the door knob hanger, attach a piece of wire or string to the back of the frog's head. Stick a board with a message on it on the frog's tummy. Decorate the body with large and small yellow circles. 2. To make the memo hanger, you need a memo pad, string and a pencil. Glue the back of the memo pad to the frog's tummy. Attach the string to the pencil and glue to the top of the memo pad. Stick a small piece of wire to the back of the head to hang. Decorate with a cutout sunflower or anything appropriate. 3. To make the odds 'n' ends pouch, you need a thick coloured envelope to fit. Glue the back of the envelope to the frog's tummy and there you go! a perfect pouch to fill with your odds 'n' ends. Decorate your frog with dots and dashes if you prefer or leave plain.

Download the Frog Template here.

Next week, you will learn yet another Frog Craft. See you, then!

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