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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Purr-fect Pets

by Juliet Mascarenhas

"Hand-painted rock" is not good enough a term
for these purr-fect pets ...
 after all they do seem real, or almost! You will  love the way they sit around waiting to be petted or smiled at.  These pets make no demands on your time or budget which makes them even more lovable. Searching the beaches for just the right shapes and sizes to make your "pet stones"  is almost as fun as painting them. Your critters could include cats, dogs,  rabbits,  turtles, maybe even a raccoon!

Care Instructions for your Purr-fect Pet

Never walk them. Never take them to the vet. Never feed them for fun.
them an occasional dusting and smother often with love.
Bring them inside on wet days if you don't want their noses to run!


1.   Smooth stones of varying sizes.
2.   Acrylic Paint or Water Colours - in natural shades. Paint Brushes.

3.   Clear Varnish

4.   Air-drying Clay for the ears, nose, etc.
  5.   Pencil, design on paper - trace out the picture of a real critter


1.  Before you begin, spread some newspaper on your work surface to catch spills and paints.

2.  Prepare your stones thoroughly before painting. Wash them to remove dirt and debris. Dry thoroughly in the sun.

3. Apply a thick base coat on the stone of a light or dark colour, whichever is appropriate.

4. Trace out the features and outline of your critter with a pencil.

5.  Paint your design, using at least two coats.  Paint lines and scratches for fur and whiskers. Paint the eyes as true-to-life as possible. Make sure that you let each coat dry completely before you go on to paint another coat.

6.  Make the  ears and nose  of clay and press onto the stone, after dabbing on fast-drying glue. Paint the edges of the ears and the nose  with a dark colour.

7. When completely dry, use a clear coat of varnish to give your pet a glossy finish. Varnish also protects your pet from un-friendly weather.

8.  Depending on their sizes, your pets can feature as paperweights or doorstops or can be placed near potted plants.

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