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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Choir of Angels

by Juliet Mascarenhas

Every time your heart sings, an Angel gets its wings! Here are Christmas Angel ornaments for your Christmas Tree ...  Adorn your Christmas tree with several of them! Not only are they simple to make, they are also beautiful and can be preserved for years to come.  You can use your imagination to decorate your little Angels elaborately, using gold and silver ribbons, sequins, etc...


1. Thick card or stock paper in two colours: white for face, wings, arms and musical instruments. Light blue for the body (fan) 

2. Templates (photocopied on the thick white paper)

3. Silver dust, glue, scissors, thread, etc.


1.  Cut a square of white, or light blue or silver paper, measuring approximately 8 inches (width) and 6 inches (length).

2.  Fold the paper using  narrow accordion  folds  (see picture below), and press the edges together on one side to make a fan (see picture below). Staple the edges together.

3.  Cut out the faces, wings, arms, musical instruments, etc. using the templates provided below.

4. Glue the parts in this order: arms above the wings, body(fan) above the arms, face above the body (see picture below).

5. Sprinkle (Glue) silver dust on to the Angel's wings.

6. Curl the arms to meet in the front. Glue a musical instrument to the hands on either side.

7. Glue a tiny thread loop to the back of the head, to hang the Angel on your Christmas Tree.

NOTE: The following must be photo-copied on to
thick card or stock paper

Faces of Angels       Angel's   Arms     Angel's   Wings   

Musical Instruments


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