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Sunday, August 19, 2018
Inside HSI Kids

Bible Stories

by Paul Dallgas-Frey

HSI Kids is pleased to bring you this special series by Paul Dallgas-Frey, a very talented writer and artist. Being the father of five kids — all adopted — Paul knows children and how to hold their attention. As you read through the Bible stories that follow, we are sure that you will agree.

Other Stories of Jesus
  1. The Story of Zacchaeus up a Tree
  2. Nicodemus and Jesus
  3. God's Amazing Plan
  4. The Golden Rule
  5. The Prize
  6. Walking on Water!
  7. Who is God?

The Miracles of Jesus
  1. Jesus Feeds Five Thousand - Part I
  2. Jesus Feeds Five Thousand - Part II
  3. Jesus Feeds Five Thousand - Part III

The Story of Daniel
  1. The Story of Daniel - Part I: The Story of Daniel Begins
  2. The Story of Daniel - Part II: First Things First
  3. The Story of Daniel - Part III: 20 Large Pepperoni Pizzas to Go, Please
  4. The Story of Daniel - Part IV: The Mysterious Dream
  5. The Story of Daniel - Part V: The Fiery Furnace!
  6. The Story of Daniel - Part VI: The King Finally Gets It
  7. The Story of Daniel - Part VII: The Writing on the Wall
  8. The Story of Daniel - Part VIII: The Lion's Den

Miscellaneous Stories
  1. Elijah and the Miraculous Jar of Oil
  2. A Thought For Lent
  3. Meditations for the Easter Season

Jonah - The Runaway Prophet
  1. Jonah Runs Away
  2. Jonah in the Storm
  3. Jonah in the Belly of the Fish

The Story of Samson
  1. Samson and Delilah
  2. Samson's Mighty Deeds
  3. Samson's Secret
  4. A Celebration Takes A Turn

The Beginning of all Things
  1. When God Created the Universe ...
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Everybody Needs a Friend
  4. Big Trouble!
  5. A Sad Day
  6. Two Brothers
  7. Old Dudes
  8. Times Change
  9. One Good Man
  10. The Great Flood
  11. Anybody Got Any Dramamine?
  12. The Rainbow and the Promise
  13. The Tower of Babel
  14. A Lesson in Astronomical Mathematics?
  15. Old Abe Has a Son
  16. A Covenant With God
  17. The Child of the Promise
  18. The Story of Sodom and Gomorrah
  19. God Will Provide The Lamb
  20. A Wife For Isaac
  21. A Bowl of Soup
  22. Jacob Steals the Blessing
  23. Jacob's Amazing Dream
  24. A Love Story
  25. Baby Wars
  26. A Game of Solid and Stripes
  27. Jacob Wrestles With God
  28. God Fixes Things
  29. Go Back to Bethel
  30. Joseph the Dreamer
  31. The Pits
  32. Ups and Downs
  33. Joseph, the Butler, and the Baker
  34. Good News, Bad News
  35. Pharaoh's Phat Cows
  36. Joseph Rules
  37. The Trouble With Lies
  38. The Great Famine
  39. The Great Famine - Part II
  40. The Hidden Sacks of Silver
  41. Joseph and the Silver Cup

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