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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Coloring Pages

Welcome to the Coloring Pages section. Every week we will present a new picture based on a Biblical theme for you to color. We will soon have a section where your own artwork can be displayed.

Scenes from the Old Testament

Jonah and the Whale
Abraham and Isaac
Moses and The Golden Calf
Moses on the Mountain
Adam and Eve in Eden
Moses Parts the Red Sea


  1. A Clown
  2. Another Clown
  3. Yet Another Clown
  4. Still Another Clown
  5. And Still Another Clown
  6. And Still Yet Another Clown


  1. Jesus: Baby Jesus with his Mother
  2. Jesus: Baby Jesus with his Mother - 2
  3. Jesus: Baby Jesus on his Ownsome
  4. Jesus: Fleeing to Egypt


  1. Day 01: God Created Day and Night
  2. Day 01: God Created Sky and Water
  3. Day 03: God Created Dry Land and Plants
  4. Day 04: God created Sun, Moon, and Stars
  5. Day 05: God created Birds and Fish
  6. Day 06: God created Man and Animals


  1. Picture 1
  2. Picture 2
  3. Picture 3
  4. Picture 4
  5. Picture 5
  6. Picture 6
  7. Picture 7
  8. Picture 8

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