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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Welcome to the Crossword Puzzles section. Every week we will present a new puzzle. The Crossword Puzzles are interactive puzzles that can be solved online. They are designed for slightly older children. Younger kids might prefer to solve the Jigsaw Puzzle or the Word Finder.

Please note that these pages may take a few moments to open so please be patient.

More Crosswords:

  1. The Apostles
  2. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit
  3. Famous Men from the Old Testament 1
  4. Famous Men from the Old Testament 2
  5. Famous Women from the Old Testament
  6. The Minor Prophets
  7. Bible Places - 1
  8. Psalm 23
  9. Books of the New Testament
  10. Lent and Easter
  11. The Story of Creation
  12. Animals in the Bible
  13. Who Said It?
  14. Psalm 23
  15. The Beatitudes
  16. Love
  17. The Exodus
  18. Lent
  19. Easter
  20. Trees in the Bible
  21. The Armor of God
  22. Jonah
  23. The Last Days of Jesus
  24. The Sermon on the Mount
  25. Occupations in the Bible

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