Holy Spirit Interactive
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Inside HSI Kids

The Game Room: Situational Puzzles

by Alena Rainer

The Border Guard

Jack wants to cross a bridge and get to the other side. Unfortunately, it is curfew time and nobody is allowed to get across. A guard who stays in a little guard house exactly in the middle of the bridge has instructions to throw back anybody he sees trying to cross. He knows that it takes about five minutes to reach half way across the bridge, so he stays inside his little house reading a comic book, and peeks his head out every five minutes to see if somebody is trying to make his way through. Jack studies the guards movements carefully as he sends people trying to cross the bridge back, then decides he knows what to do to cross the bridge. What does Jack do?

The Answer

Jack waits for the guard to go inside his hut. The moment he disappears from sight, Jack runs as fast as he can to the center of the bridge, crosses it, then turns around and starts walking BACK towards the side that he came from. The guard comes out, sees Jack, and orders him to go the other side - which is the side that Jack wanted to go!

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