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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Banking With Jesus

I just bet that sometimes you wish that you were old enough to have your own bank account. You probably say to yourself: "I would go there and draw money and get everything I want."

Well! I have news for you! You do have a bank account. You have had it for as many years as you have lived. But you have probably forgotten your code for the cash machine. You have an account with the DBJC bank.

The DBJC bank is a bank with a difference. The more you draw from your account, the more there is for you to draw. There are no daily limits on how much you can take out. There is only one snag: what you draw today you must spend today!

The other odd thing is what the Bank looks like inside. Since you have forgotten your bank code for the cash machine, go inside. You will find three cashier windows. The one window has the name 'Yesterday'; the window in the middle is called 'Today'; and the one on the right has a name plaque above it but it is blank. That's OK, because you can easily guess that if the other two are called 'Yesterday' and 'Today', the third one is probably called 'Tomorrow'.

Something else is odd, though. The 'Yesterday' window is boarded up with strong wood and nails, and what would be the 'Tomorrow' window was never cut open: it is still bricked up as part of the wall, as though no-one ever meant to actually open a window there. Only the 'Today' window is open. Go in and look around. Look at the far corner. Can you see an old man sitting in the shadows? Go and ask him about the windows. He is waving at you. Go now!

The old man tells you: "This is the Divine Bank of Jesus Christ. God created it when he created Man so that Man could come and draw graces from Heaven whenever he wanted. Each person has an account. The nice thing for young people like you is that you do not need your parents' permission to have an account because God opened one for you anyway.

But this bank only works for today. Yesterday, as you can see by the window, is gone. You cannot draw any graces for yesterday, and all the graces that were there for yesterday that you didn't use, have gone. And tomorrow does not exist. Who knows if there will be a tomorrow, or if there will be a tomorrow for every Bank client? So the Bank operates only for Today. Even the computers are designed that way. If you try to access 'Yesterday' they just shut down, and if you enter 'Tomorrow' it says, 'Location unknown'."

The old man goes on: "Right now your bank account is nearly empty, because this Bank works the opposite from the banks of men. Here the less you draw, the less you have, and the more you take out, the more your bank balance grows. You have only a small starting amount, because you had forgotten about your bank account. But if you draw that today and use it all up, your balance will double. Remember though that you have to spend what you draw on the same day. You cannot save it for another time."

Then the old man gets up and gently pushes you towards the 'Today' window. He says: "Go now. Go and draw your graces. When you have spent them, come again. I hope to see you here very often".

But you are not ready to let him go. You say: "I am afraid to draw those graces because I don't know what to do with them. I can't save them up and I don't want to waste them. It is better for them to stay where they are."

The old man looks at you: "If they stay there, they are wasted anyway. But don't worry. God will show you today how to use those graces so that your bank balance can grow and grow. You must just take the first step and draw what is there."

You are still nervous: "My friends say that nothing is for free. How do I pay God back for the graces He gives me today?"

The old man puts his hand on your shoulder: "Graces are gifts from God, but He does want you to use them. Two things will help you. I am sure that you have heard the words 'Prayer' and 'Sacrifice'. Those are the currencies of this Bank. Now 'Prayer' is quite easy when you get to know God. He just wants a couple of chats with you each day. Even though He knows everything, He still likes to spend some time with you and for you to tell Him about the fun and the problems you had today. Don't be fooled: even though He is Great and Almighty, He fusses over you all the time, like over a favourite child. So pray by talking to God.

Now the word 'Sacrifice' has sort of received bad press. People don't like to hear it, and they certainly don't like to think about doing it. They think that it is a bit like someone asking you to go and climb the highest mountain on your own, without food or equipment and skip all your favourite TV shows.

Pity, though! It is really nothing like that. If you look in those books that they have at your school, the ones they call 'Dictionaries', they will soon set you straight on 'Sacrifice'. They will explain to you that the word 'Sacrifice' simply means 'to make holy'. That means that anything you do that is not bad you can turn into a sacrifice simply by telling God: 'I am doing this for You'. Easy, you see!"

"Now the trick of using up those graces of yours is simply to do things that cost you a little, and then offer them to God as sacrifices; the more the thing asks of you, the more graces it is worth. Even things that you have to do, like chores and homework, can be offered as sacrifices. There is only one rule: sacrifices can't be made with a miserable heart. So be happy and don't go around keeping busy all day and forgetting to 'make those things holy' - just offer them to God.

If by the end of today you think you have still not used up all those graces, try to spend some more time with God before you go to bed, asking Him to sort out some problems your family or friends may have, or even some sad things that you may have seen on TV. And by the way, God really enjoys a 'Thank You' sometimes. Also, like all of us, He really likes good news and happy endings, especially when it has happened to you. Remember that He really likes you. So give him some good news and a smile and don't forget to thank Him for those graces."

Enjoy banking with the DBJC bank.

"Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. Moreover, God is able to make every grace abundant for you, so that in all things, always having all you need, you may have an abundance for every good work." (2 Corinthians 9: 7-8)

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