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Monday, August 20, 2018
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The Cockatiel
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Before you buy your cockatiel

Cockatiel image courtesy: http://www.aaawebmaster.com/cockatiel/ Your parents might like the idea of buying you a cockatiel if you're prepared to take good care of it, so make sure you do so, or else you'll let both them and the 'tiel down! Good pet stores look after their birds well, and also keep great books on taking care of your pets, so visiting a well known one is important.

Best buddies are often the ones you've known for the longest time, so you have to decide to be a faithful friend to your bird for a long time to come. Ask the pet shop attendant to show you the largest cage your mum and dad are willing to buy, a minimum of 24" x 24", because keeping a bird in a small cage is cruel. Be sure that the bars are spaced properly, not more than 3/4 of an inch apart, as they could get their heads trapped in between badly spaced bars, and if at least one side is made up of horizontal bars, the bird could climb to the top easily.

Think about spending a part of your allowance to buy this intelligent little bird toys that have mirrors, open bells and chewable items such as 'rawhide' and plaster; far from being birdbrains, they are smart and very active.

Also ask the attendant to suggest food granules that have vitamins and minerals, which are very eseential to keeping your cockatiel healthy.

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