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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Pets 4 Us

by Leonard Rego

Leonard Rego is the proud custodian of a mini-zoo of sorts owning a variety of critters ranging from frogs and terrapins to baby eagles and snakes (a python no less!). There is little about animals that Leo — who shares his name with the king of beasts and a mutant turtle — doesn't know, and we are happy to have him here as our resident Gerald Durell. If you have any questions about pets, you can email him!

Feature Stories:

  1. Fond Farewells
  2. Pet First Aid - Part 1
  3. Pet First Aid - Part 2
  4. Pet Peeves - Part 1: Fleas
  5. Pet Peeves - Part 2: Tabby Trouble
  6. Pet Peeves - Part 3: Ain't No Maybes With Rabies
  7. Pussy and Pooch Strike a Pose
  8. Pet Peeves 4: Animallergies!
  9. Fly Away Birdie

More Pets 4 Us:

  1. Turtles
  2. Siamese Fighting Fish
  3. Hamsters
  4. Cockatiels
  5. Fire-Bellied Newts
  6. Tarantula Spiders
  7. Rabbits
  8. Dogs
  9. Python
  10. Lobsters
  11. Green Iguanas
  12. Stick Insect

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