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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Hamster
Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Pets 4 Us: The Hamster: Choosing your little water warrior

Choosing your hamster

image courtesy http://www.greenscreen.org/newsletter/articles/hamster.html You probably already know that the hamsters' cage at the pet store should not be overcrowded, and should be clean with easy access to food and water. They should be kept in separate cages, and you'd be smart to avoid buying a pregnant female.

Besides, your hamster should be not less than 5-6 weeks old, and should look healthy, bright-eyed and sprightly. If he or she has eyes that are runny or ooze a sticky substance, or if you see sneezing, clumpy fur, or a wet or dirty bottom, these are signs of sickness, and you'd best pick another one.

Ask the pet store attendant if you can pick up the one you like, and see how it behaves. It should be tame and docile. Also check if its body is firm, as an unusually soft body could mean that it is sick.

You should be able to find a golden hamster for between 8 and 15 dollars (just ask your dad to help you convert this amount into your country's currency). Keep just one as a pet, as they dislike being kept with other hamsters.

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