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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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The Hamster

A name for your hamster

This is the moment you've been waiting for, isn't it? And if you're really excited, I'll bet you've already thought up a few names. Trouble is, hamsters can be called all sorts of cool and cute names, so picking one is going to be hard!

Here's some help.

Image courtesy http://www.kinderlexikon.de/themen/Hamster/ Some interesting names for boy hamsters:

  1. Hammy Hammerstein
  2. Furry Ferguson
  3. Randolph the Rodent Ruler
  4. Goldie Goldman
  5. Samson
  6. Mr. Mini-me
  7. Sherlock
  8. Chewbacca / Chew-chew
  9. Hairy Potter
  10. Wheeler the Squealer
  11. Bucktooth Stanley

Some interesting names for girl hamsters:

  1. Harriet-in-a-hurry
  2. Pretty Penelope
  3. Jogging Jennifer
  4. Granny Smith
  5. Golda
  6. Aurelia Sprocket
  7. Nonie the Nutcracker
  8. Sylvia Scamper

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