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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Land Hermit Crabs

Land Hermit Crabs

by Leonard Rego

Wouldn't it be great to be able to change where you lived every now and then? Not if you had to pack and unpack your stuff into and out of boxes over and over again! But there's a member of the animal kingdom that does just that (move, not pack and unpack!). It's the hermit crab, which is so named because it moves from place to place like a hermit, seeking shelter in the empty shells of snails that have died. Wonder if they ever have trouble with the occasional haunted house!

There are two main kinds of hermit crab: the marine ones and the land dwellers. Here, we'll learn about the scraggly landlubbers, who don't visit their seafaring cousins very often.

Before we get on with it, I want to ask you if the way regular crabs walk sideways reminds you of cowboys in a Western shootout - I always think of that kind of scene, especially when they have their pincers pointing up at you as if they're ready to shoot!

Anyway, your hermit crab certainly won't be able to take you for ransom, as their pincers can't really hurt you.

Image courtesy Australian Museum Collections Now let's look at how you can choose yours at a pet shop.

  1. Choosing your pet
  2. Care and feeding
  3. A name for your pet

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