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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Green Iguanas

Green Iguanas

by Leonard Rego

"Why are iguanas green?" my little nephew once asked my niece, his sister. Not one to admit that she didn't know, Little-Miss-Can't-Be-Wrong paused to think and then quickly replied "Because they're not the prettiest members of the animal kingdom - they're green with envy!"

I couldn't help laughing, but I look at these creatures very differently. In fact, I think they're quite handsome, and make great pets if you're willing to put in some effort. You might have seen one of them when you last visited the pet shop with mum or dad. The perfect show-and-tell pet, iguanas can be toilet trained, learn tricks, and even find their way home when lost!

Iguanas need routine care, and if you honestly consider yourself to be responsible, you could think about getting one after discussing it with your folks. Also be aware of the fact that most, if not all, iguanas carry Salmonella bacteria in their intestines, which can cause flu-like symptoms in people. If you decide on getting an iguana as a pet, you will have to remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling him. iguana

  1. Before you buy your iguana
  2. Choosing your pet
  3. Care and feeding
  4. A name for your iguana
  5. Iguana Trivia

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