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Thursday, August 16, 2018
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Green Iguanas

Choosing your pet

image courtesy: hem.passagen.se By now you will have read enough about this emerald reptilian to make a smart choice at the pet store. A baby 'ig' is a good choice, but no matter what the pet store owner tells you, remember that it's not possible to tell the difference between male and female at that tender age.

You iguana should be alert, and if it is a baby, it won't stay still for a second, especially when you pick it up. A baby ig that sits in your palm contemplating Einstein's theory of relativity is probably sick (and obviously very smart!).

The vent area and the base of the tail should be clean, and should not have any crusty deposits or protrusions. Little moving dots on the scales are actually mites, and you'd best steer clear from an infested ig.

Iggy's mouth should be clean and free from mucous, but don't be alarmed if you see white salt crystals around his nostrils, as this is normal. If he has a runny nose, or wheezes when he breathes, he probably has a respiratory infection. Also, blackened toes or tail tips could be signs of gangrene, but don't confuse these with the black scales and patterns that many iguanas show naturally.

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