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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Green Iguanas

A name for your iguana

image courtesy: animals.timduru.org While Iggy is the name that most people are likely to name their pet lizard, you shouldn't stop at the obvious. Imagine the identity crisis your reptile would face if he or she were introduced to other iguanas with the same name! Here are some of my favourite names:

Here are some names for boy iguanas:

  1. Whiplash (for its long tail)
  2. Spike (for the spikes along its back)
  3. Green Goblin
  4. Ignatius the Iguana
  5. Klaus (claws!)
  6. Draco (dragon)

And some names for girl iguanas:

  1. Emerald Emma
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Spiny Sherry
  4. Long-nailed Lola

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