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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Before you buy your lobster

image courtesy www,thepetstop.com Before we go on, you must know that your pet lobster won't be as big as the ones they sell at the fish market, and are more likely to span the length of your palm, so don't go to the pet store expecting to find a big-pincered, mean looking, grouchy old crustacean.

Buy a book that teaches you about lobsters (or crayfish), and set up its tank after reading the book and the tips I've provided in the Care and Feeding section, before you take it home.

Basically, you will need a ten gallon aquarium with a filter and a tight-fitting top, among other things. The tight-fitting top is important because lobsters are the Harry Houdinis of the seas - they are excellent escape artists. If not with the help of their pincers, they can escape by jumping out of the aquarium like fish sometimes do!

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