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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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by Leonard Rego

"What's up, Doc?" is probably the most memorable catchphrase to ever come out of the buck-toothed mouth of a carrot-chomping cartoon character. You know who I'm talking about - it's Bugs Bunny of course, that lovable (and wily!) 'wabbit', Elmer Fudd's eternal enemy.

Truth is, in real life, wabbits… erm, sorry, rabbits hop on all fours and don't have friends called Daffy or Sylvester. They do, however, make great pets, and are as cute as cute can be. (Look in the dictionary under 'cute' and you'll probably find a rabbit's picture beside it!).

If you have a lawn or garden, you can be sure Bugs will have a real good time playing hide and seek amidst the pots and plants. Best of all, rabbits are really docile and will readily eat lettuce leaves or veggies out of your hand as you watch their mouths quiver with every nibble. Only trouble is, if you keep a male and a female, you'll soon have an army of little rabbits that'll mow your lawn to the roots before you can say Jumpin' Jack Flash!

These adorable animals live about 5-10 years, and some even get to be the ripe old age of 15, but they never ever have to use dentures or false teeth. A litter of rabbits may have as many as ten pups, sometimes more. Impressive, huh? Wait till you see how they can be potty-trained! rabbits

  1. Before you buy your rabbit
  2. Choosing your pet
  3. Care and feeding
  4. A name for your rabbit
  5. Rabbit Trivia

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