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Saturday, August 18, 2018
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The Turtle
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Before you buy your turtle

All of God's creatures deserve to be treated well, and turtles are no exception. Before you get your mum, dad or favourite uncle to buy you one, you have to understand that a pet is a responsibility, just as doing your homework or helping with household chores are responsibilities. This doesn't mean that it's no fun, though! A pet that's looked after well will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment, and you ought to know how to take care of your new pet before you actually go out and buy it.

One of the smartest things to do (let's keep it our little secret) is to buy a book on taking care of terrapins, and you'll find this at most bookstores. Ask your dad, mum or older brother or sister to explain words and terms you do not understand - and become the family's turtle expert in the bargain! Read up on the important stuff before you head for the store, and ask the storekeeper to explain whatever you'd like to know about your soon-to-be pet.

Leatherback Turtle

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