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Friday, August 17, 2018
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ou will be happy ...

...if you don't hang around with bad people,
if you don't listen to what bad people tell you to do,
and if you don't do what bad people do.

But if you listen to God's words,
and read your Bible,
and learn about God everyday,
You will find true happiness.

You will be like a tree,
growing by a stream,
that cannot be moved.

You will be like a tree
that always bears delicious fruit,
and never is thirsty.

In everything God asks you to do, you will succeed.

But that is not how it will be
for people who don't pay any attention to God.

They will be like dry grass that the wind blows away.
One day, God will surely punish them.

God will protect good people,
who obey his laws.

Bad people are on their way to big trouble!

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