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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Psalms for Kids: Psalm 19 - God is so Wonderful

Every morning the sky says,

"God is magnificent!"

And at night the stars sing,

"God is wonderful!"

Of course, the sky has no voice.
And the stars can't sing.

But they tell the world
that God is great
because he made them.

They are magnificent!

Surely, the one who made them
is even more magnificent than they are!

God put the sun in the sky.
It rises every morning
blazing with power.

God is mightier than the sun,
and even more wonderful!

Our God is awesome!

God's laws are perfect.
If I obey them I will be strong.

God's laws are always right.

If I obey them I will be wise.

I will always know
the right thing to do.

God's laws are fair.

If I obey them I will be happy.

God's laws are better than gold,
they are sweeter than honey.

If I listen to God,
and do what he says,
he will reward me.

It's hard to always know
when I am not doing what is right.
But God will show me.
He will teach me how to be good.

Dear God, help me not to act bad.
With your help I can be good.

I pray that everything I say,
and all my thoughts,
will make you happy.

Lord, you protect me and you save me!

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