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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Psalms for Kids: Psalm 37 - Part I: Trust in God

Donít look at other people,
and all the cool stuff they have,
and say to yourself,
ďI wish I were them!Ē

You don't know how it is with them.
But you can be sure of this,
If they donít love God,
they are in for trouble.

One day they will be gone,
and all their stuff
won't be any good to them at all.

They will be like dandelions in your lawn.

One day they are all bright and yellow,
and the next, they are white with seeds,
and the wind just blows them away.

They are gone in a puff.

That's how it will be
for those who don't care about God.

But you, keep your eyes on God!

Trust in God and do good,
and all of God's wonderful blessings
will be yours forever.

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