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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: Questions Kids Ask

Questions Kids Ask

Did Eve have a belly button? If God made spiders, why do people squish them? Is there a McDonald's in heaven? You have a lot of questions, don't you? And not everybody can answer them. But we're going to try and hope you learn a lot of neat stuff in the bargain!

More Questions:

    The Bible

  1. How Did they Write The Old Testament If There Weren't Any Paper Or Pencils?
  2. Who Wrote The Bible?
  3. How Do We Know That What The Bible Says Is True?
  4. Why Do We Have The Bible?

    Suffering and Evil

  1. Why Do Some People Die Before They Are Old?
  2. Why Do Bad Things Happen to People?
  3. How Come God Makes Storms With Lightening And Thunder?
  4. Why Does God Let Wars Happen?
  5. Why Does God Let Us Get Sick?
  6. If We Are Running Out Of Trees, Why Doesn't God Just Make More?
  7. Does God Know About People Who are Hungry?
  8. Why Do Brothers and Sisters Fight?
  9. Why Do You Get Mad At Me If You Have Jesus In Your Heart?
  10. What Is Evil?

    Angels and Demons

  1. What Do Angels Really Look Like?
  2. When I Die, Will I Become An Angel?
  3. What Does My Angel Do?
  4. Who is the Devil?
  5. Does the Devil have Claws?
  6. Why is the Devil After Us?
  7. What are Demons?
  8. Will I Ever Get A Demon?

    Heaven and Hell

  1. If We Went High Enough In The Sky, Would We Find Heaven?
  2. What is Heaven Like?
  3. Is there a McDonald's in Heaven?
  4. Will There Be Toys In Heaven?
  5. Will My Pet Go To Heaven When It Dies?
  6. Why Can't We Go To Heaven And Just See It And Then Come Back?
  7. Will I Have My Same Name In Heaven?
  8. Will God Let Me Visit Grandpa in Heaven?
  9. Why Is Hell Dark If They Have Fires?
  10. Who Ends Up In Hell?


  1. If God Gives Us Everything We Ask For, Then How Come We Don't Have Everything?
  2. Why Do We Pray?
  3. Will God Give Children Toys If They Ask Him For Them?
  4. What Should I Say To God When I Pray?
  5. How Come When I Pray to God He Doesn't Always Answer Me?
  6. Why Did I Have A Bad Dream When I Prayed Before I Went To Sleep?
  7. How Can God Hear Everyone's Prayers At Once?


  1. Why Do God and Jesus Love People?
  2. How Can Jesus Fit In My Heart?
  3. How Do You Get Jesus In Your Heart?
  4. Would God Send Nice People To Hell?
  5. If I Swear, Will I Go To Hell When I Die?
  6. Will All Of My Friends Go To Heaven?
  7. Why Isn't Everyone A Christian?
  8. Why Doesn't God Just Zap The Bad People?
  9. How Long Is Eternity?
  10. What Does God Want Us To Do?


  1. Is Jesus God?
  2. How Can God Be Three Persons And One Person At The Same Time?
  3. Do God And Jesus Cry?
  4. Did Jesus Really Live Just Like Me, Or Was He Pretend?
  5. Did Jesus Ever Do Anything Bad When He Was Little?
  6. If Jesus Died On The Cross, How Can He Be Alive Today?
  7. Why Do I Feel Afraid If Jesus Is With Me?
  8. How Did Jesus Walk On Water?
  9. Why Did Jesus Dress So Funny?
  10. Why Did They Beat Up Jesus?
  11. Why Did God Let Them Hurt Jesus?
  12. Why Do They Call It Good Friday If That's The Day Jesus Died?
  13. Why Does Jesus Want Us To Follow Him?
  14. Why Did Jesus Get Tempted By The Devil?
  15. Why Didn't God Just Forgive Everybody?


  1. What Does God Look Like?
  2. Does God Have Friends Or Is He Alone?
  3. Where Does God Live?
  4. Does God Sleep, Or Does He Just Rest?
  5. Who Created God?
  6. Why Can't We See God?
  7. Can Christians Hear God Talking To Them?
  8. Dad, Why Do I Need Two Fathers, You And God?
  9. Does God See Everything That We Do?

    Adam And Eve

  1. Why Did God Make People?
  2. How Did God Make Adam And Eve?
  3. What Did Adam And Eve "Dress" The Land With?
  4. How Did God Make Everyone Else After Adam And Eve?
  5. How Did Adam Know What To Name The Animals?
  6. Why Did Adam And Eve Eat The Forbidden Fruit If God Said Not To?
  7. Why Didn't Adam Die When God Said He Would?
  8. Did God Know Adam And Eve Were Going To Sin??


  1. Why Did God Create The World?
  2. How Did God Create The Earth?
  3. Were There Dinosaurs On The Ark?
  4. Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?
  5. Why Do Sharks Eat People?
  6. If God Made Spiders, Why Do People Squish Them?
  7. Why Did God Make People Red And Yellow, Black And White?
  8. Did God Make People In Outer Space?
  9. How Does God Make The Sun And Moon Go Up And Down?

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