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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Will I Ever Get A Demon?

It's easy to get the idea from watching television and hearing kids talk that demons can take over people's lives whenever they want. But that's not true. It is true that some people have demons in them. But demons can only enter people who let them and who are not close to God. And never forget, God is much more powerful than Satan or any of the demons. He can protect us.

Key Verse

When the 70 disciples came back, they gave [Jesus] a joyful report. They said, "Even the demons obey us when we use your name." "Yes," he told them. "I saw Satan falling from Heaven like a flash of light! I have given you the power to walk among snakes and scorpions. And I have given you authority over the power of the enemy. Nothing shall hurt you! But don't be full of joy because the demons obey you. Be full of joy because your names are written in Heaven." (Luke 10:17-20)

Related Verses

Matthew 10:7-8; Romans 8:38-39

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