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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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St. Eulogius of Spain

Feast Day: March 11
Died: 859

St. Eulogius was the son of a Spanish Senator in Cordoba. His family was well-known and he received an excellent education. He also learned from the good example of his teachers.

Eulogius loved to read and study the Bible and his love for the Word of God grew with each passing day. He wanted to bring God's message to everyone. When he grew up, he became a priest and the head of a famous school.

At this time the Muslims had taken over Spain. They were against Christianity. At first they tried to make the people give up their faith. When the people refused to change their religion, they were put in prison. Some were even killed.

Eulogius and his bishop were put in prison along with many other Christians. In the prison, Eulogius read the Bible out loud to give confidence to the prisoners. As they listened, they no longer felt afraid to die for Jesus. During this time, St. Eulogius wrote a book "Exhortation to Martyrdom" that encouraged Christians to die rather than give up their holy faith.

The saint himself wanted to be a martyr and die for Jesus more than anything else. Instead, he was let out of prison. As soon as he was set free, St. Eulogius began to preach and he converted many. He even gave shelter to Saint Leocritia of Cordoba who the Muslims were looking for.

His earlier captors were so angry that they arrested him again. In front of the judge, he bravely declared that Jesus is God and preached the Gospel in court. Eulogius was condemned to death and offered his life for Jesus. He was scourged and beheaded and died in 859 at Cordoba in Spain.

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