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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: A Saint a Day: Annunciation of the Lord

Annunciation of the Lord

Feast Day: March 25

The time arrived for Jesus to come down from heaven and save us from our sin. God sent his glorious Archangel Gabriel to Mary's little house in the town of Nazareth and found her praying.

"Hail Mary, full of grace!" said the angel. "The Lord is with you, and you are blessed among women." Mary was startled and surprised to hear the angel's words of praise.

"Do not be afraid, Mary," said Gabriel. He told her that she was to be the mother of Jesus, our Savior. Mary was confused but understood what a great honor God was giving her. And she said, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord!" She only wanted to serve God and was willing to do as He commanded.

At that very moment, through the power of the Holy Spirit, she became the Mother of God. Nine months later, on the 25th of December, Jesus was born.

Mary knew that as the mother of Jesus, along with great joy she would also have many sorrows. She knew she would have to suffer when her Son suffered. Yet with all her heart, she said, "Be it done to me according to your word."

Reflection: This feast celebrates Mary's response to God, and the awesome moment of the Incarnation. Take some time today to think about how greatly our lives have been changed because Mary said "yes" to God.

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