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Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive Kids: A Saint a Day: St. Jonas and St. Barachisius

St. Jonas and St. Barachisius

Feast Day: March 29
Born/Died: (Third / Fourth Century)

King Sapor II of Persia who reigned in the fourth century hated Christians and was very cruel to them. He destroyed their churches and monasteries. Two Persian brothers named Jonas and Barachisius who were monks heard about this and found that many Christians had been put to death.

They decided to go to Hubaham and help encourage them to remain faithful to Jesus. Jonas and Barachisius knew that they, too, might be captured. But that did not stop them. Their hearts were too full of love of others to worry about themselves.

At last the two brothers were caught and taken prisoner. They were told that if they did not worship the sun, the moon, the fire and water, they would be tortured and put to death. Of course, they refused to worship anything or anyone except the one true God.

They had to suffer much, but they prayed and thought about how Jesus had suffered for them. The two brothers were tortured terribly but would not give up their faith. They were finally condemned to death and joyfully gave up their lives for Jesus.

Jonas and Barachisius were killed in horrible ways in 327.

Reflection: Is there an area in my life where I am being selfish? Is there anything I can do to help someone in need?

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